Get Your Skates On

Nik Jones shares her love of roller skating

Skating, it's the way forward

I was asked today to write something about what inspires me, I've sat here for a while pondering that statement and the truth is, it depends what mood I'm in. As a female/creative, I'm prone to feeling one thing at 10am but something completely different at 10.01am, so I usually go on what I'm feeling at the time and let my creativity do the rest.

I could harp on about who inspires me and what I do to get my creativity, then I remembered my true passion. Skating. Yes, skating; not inlining, not ice skating but quad skating. I learnt to skate on a pair of plastic roller boots at the age of 11, the wheels were so unforgiving that every stone you came across would render you floor bound but I didn't let that stop me.

I skate twice a week at the Pavillion here in Bath and always, without fail, feel so much more alive after I've been. It clears my head, helps put things into perspective and I'd highly recommend it to anyone suffering with creative block, stress or even depression.

A big part of the reason why skating works is obviously because it's a form of exercise, but also when you're good at something and you feel confident doing that thing, it boosts your confidence and frees up space in your head for interesting and creative things, the sense of freedom I get as I'm gliding along with the wind in my fringe, whizzing past all of the slow people, also plays a big part too. some skates and get free.

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