You Know You’re A [————] When?

Bernadette Jiwa describes how to be whatever you want to be.

Article originally published on Medium.

Amanda Palmer once tweeted a question that went something like;

You know you’re a writer when….?

“You know you’re a writer when your words change how someone feels. Doesn’t matter if it’s a tweet, a book, a blog post or a song.” I replied.

But here’s the thing. The changing how people feel part is how you succeed at anything—and also how you know when you have.

You know you’ve nailed that code when it changes how people feel about the experience they have on the website you built.

You know you’ve created a great brand, app, recipe, or script when people are changed so much by what you’ve done that they can’t help sharing it with their friends.

You know you’re a Dad when making your six-week-old baby smile matters more than anything at that moment.

Being whatever you want to be really is as simple as changing how a single person feels in the moment. And funnily enough that scales, making you a better [whatever you want to be].

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